Empty Day

One more day was about to pass by being an Empty Day……A whole day filled with nothing, just the emptiness. But it was not supposed to be like that. It changed as the charm gets broken, It changed because of a selfless living being who represents me, partially though.
After play time my youngest one returned home without his sisters but very much in time. After usual hugs and kisses & rejoicing for being back in time he got silent a bit which was not usual, it was unusual. Very innocently he asked, “mom, will you scold (didi) elder sis for not coming back home in time?” I responded in yes definitely. Then his sweet, adorable words fell on my ear which took all my irritation away; he said “mamma, please don’t scold them I’ll feel very bad for them” the feeling of caring shown by a five year young was wonderful. It filled my heart with warmth & affection. I hugged him for being him, for after whole day of emptiness, he filled it & wrapped up with love.
I’m praying God to let his heart be always filled with love , care, affection & every good feeling, a human being is supposed to have.


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